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Clifton’s Carpet Shop is proud to serve the residents of Clinton along with the neighboring communities of Appleton City, Montrose, Harrisonville, Warrensburg, Osceola, Warsaw, Belton, Lee’s Summit, Deepwater, Lowry City, Butler, Adrian, Kansas City, and more! 

Did You Know?

  • Clinton was founded in the 1840s. The city was named for New York Governor DeWitt Clinton, a key promoter of the Erie Canal.
  • Clinton was awarded the “All-America City” title in 2000. This honor is the oldest and most respected community recognition in the nation. 
  • The Kansas City Barbecue Society reports that KC has more barbecue restaurants per capita than any other city in the nation. 
  • KC is home to the largest maker of boxed chocolates in the world.  Based here since 1932, Russell Stover Candies still hand dips more than 25 million pieces of chocolate each year. 
  • In 1910, Joyce Hall began selling postcards out of a shoebox in KC. Today, his company has grown to the world’s largest greeting-cards maker, Hallmark Cards.
  • Kansas City’s Municipal Auditorium has hosted more NCAA Final Four Championships than any other venue in the country.
  • A young Ernest Hemingway worked as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star from 1917 to 1918. He returned to the city for the birth of his second son and while here, wrote the tragic ending to his World War I epic, A Farewell to Arms. 
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